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The land for Lutheridge (about 172 acres) was purchased in 1946 with the intention of establishing grounds for a Lutheran assembly, available to those in North and South Carolina. Groundbreaking for the foundation for Efird Hall, one of the original buildings on site, was in July 1950.

In 1951, the first summer camp program began. The Hill Cabins are the original cabins on site, along with Efird and the large part of Lineberger Hall. Once the summer program outgrew the Hill Cabins, the Wilderness cabins were built. Thornburg, originally called Leadership Hall, was built in the late 1950s; it was later renamed Thornburg Hall after Dr. Lewis Thornburg, Lutheridge’s founding director. Kohnjoy Inn was built in 1964. There was a creek that ran through the lower part of the property, which was damed to create the pond on the lower part of the property. This served as the swimming pond for campers until the pool was built in 1966.

Most recent additions to Lutheridge include Lakeside Village and a multi-purpose building called the Faith Center.  Lineberger Hall and Thornburg Hall have recently been refurbished, a new Lutheridge swimming pool, complete with slide, elements, and ocean-entry, opened in May of 2015.

Groundbreaking in 1950 with Marcus Otterbein, representing the Parish and Church School Board, with Thornburg, Kinard and J. L. Morgan